What not to miss

What not to miss

While you’re enjoying Maastricht, no one should forget about our 10 tips;

– Make a city walk: We recommend the Industrial city walk. You can get this at VVV – tourist office. This city walk tells you more about the history and the industrial city Maastricht used to be.
You can see by your own eyes that the Jekerkwartier (part where the hotel is located) is the most beautiful and historic part of Maastricht.

– Shopping: Of course you can’t leave Maastricht without doing some shopping. We have all you want; shoes, bags, food, clothes, electronics, great bike stores, antiques, art, design,….you name it! Don’t have enough time, ask us for help.

– Bookstore Dominicanen; This bookstore is located in a former church, near the Vrijthof square. At the back you can have a coffee and don’t forget to check the view from above.

– Onze Lieve Vrouwenkerk; Of course you must visit at least one church in Maastricht. We think it’s this one because you can light a candle at the front of the church, and check it out at night when the lights give a wonderful feeling while shining on the church.

– City park; In spring and summer you must relax on a blanket in the city park and have an ice cream while the sun goes down. At night the old city wall lights up. It’s magic!

– Market: On Wednesday and Friday you can view the regular market on the market square. On Saturday you find the antique market in front of the train station and on Sunday you find the antique market (with sometimes a little bit of food) on the market square. If you like antique, you must find your treasure.

– Carnival: Ok, we know it’s only 3 days a year, but you must celebrate carnaval in Maastricht. We celebrate on the streets and really know how to do that best. So make your reservation know!

– Kazematten en mergelgroeven: Maastricht is one of the oldest city’s in Holland, and we are proud of it. A real must see and do is visiting the caves and former defensive structures of Maastricht.

– Food: Of course food is something you can’t ignore in Maastricht. We offer quite some options. So check out our tips (see former tips) where to eat nearby.

– Take the car; Maastricht is located near Liege (30 min), Neercanne (10 min) Epen (20 min) and Aachen (40 min). Liege was a former industrial city where you can visit the antique and food market on Sunday morning. Neercanne is located on the border of Maastricht and Belgium. The lovely Chateau Neercanne is located here, a chique place to enjoy a lunch or dinner. But most, to make a nice walk past it, true the forest up the hill and check out the view. Epen is a small place, where you can enjoy the landscape and make a nice walk. Aachen is good for shopping and food, also a very old city located in a green area with lots of trees and hills.