Food tips – within 5 minutes from Hotel Dis

Food tips – within 5 minutes from Hotel Dis

Just a short walk from Hotel Dis you can find some nice places to have breakfast, lunch, dinner or a good glass of wine.  Maastricht is a good place for a real foodie, but here just a short selection we think are great, located within 5 minutes from out hotel.

For a cup of coffee you can walk to Furniture café, just 5 meters from Vrijthof square. Here you can enjoy the furniture, design and of course a cup of coffee.
When you don’t want to walk this distance and prefer a good breakfast with coffee, tea, bread, yoghurt, fruit and much more than you can make a reservation at our hotel.
Hotel Dis offers a lovely breakfast buffet within the former beer brewery out of 1704 or with nice weather, just outside!
And last but not least, when your planning a nice walk than walk to St. Pietersberg (mountain). Here you can find Bijzonder (it means; special). They for example serve lovely home made bread with lovely spread and fine mint tea.

At Koestraat (Cow street) you find TeaZone, where you can drink fine selection of teas. This place is special because of it’s entourage, so try the high tea, all freshly home baked goodness.
When you would prefer a warm meal you should walk to Le Virage, located at the end of Koestraat, around the corner of the Onze Lieve Vrouwen square. This Bistro serves lunch and dinner with a French touch, presented as a one star menu, for a reasonable price.

Everyone enjoys a good meal, so at night you must make your reservations first. Just around the corner you find Limburg Kookt. They serve a creative menu with wonderful dishes and very fine wine for a very nice price. And don’t forgot to check out the tables, lamps etc. because everything is made by hand. Before dinner you can check out the wine bar Via Mucca again  at the Koestraat, and have a nice piece of cheese at Nouveau Kaasbar (Cheese bar) opposite of the wine bar. Then you can go next door to check out the finger food from Rumors.

When you would like to go chic, you can check out Rozemarijn. This restaurant has a great chef and serves very fine, delicate dishes. And last but not least, check out out Madrid located at Bredestraat. This tapas restaurant serves lovely Mediterranean tapas for a small price. For a moment you would think you actually are in Madrid.

To get a nightcap check out Take Five, also located at Bredestraat. Or get a beer and check out if there is live music, just around the corner, at café Forum.

Eet smakelijk! Bon Appetite!